How can I participate in the Health Walk?
You can sign-up and register on this site as a team captain, individual walker, become a sponsor, donate and/or volunteer. We're happy to have your support in any capacity or in several capacities!
2. How can I participate as a Health Walk Sponsor?
Visit the Sponsors Page on this website for additional information on sponsor benefits. Email jbagwell@lbucc.org (Joleen Bagwell, Director of Development) to receive a complete Sponsor Packet. Sponsors can also form Walk Teams.
3. How can I become a Team Captain for the Health Walk?
Becoming a Team Captain is fun and easy! Simply email jbagwell@lbucc.org (Joleen Bagwell, Director of Development) and request a Team Captain Packet. Register on this website as a Team Captain. And look for your invitiation to the early August Team Captain Kick-Off and Sponsor Luncheon!
4. How can I participate as an individual walker for the Health Walk?
Participating as an individual walker in the Health Walk is also fun and easy! You simply need to register as a walker on this website. You can join a team by searching for the team and team captain (you will be prompted to do so through this website). Or, you can register and walk individually. Once registered, you will receive regular updates.
5. Will you need Health Walk volunteers?
Yes! We will need approximately 40 volunteers to assist in a number of activities on the day of the event, November 4, 2017. We will be having a volunteer meeting in October. Email jbagwell@lbucc.org (Joleen Bagwell, Director of Development) for additional information on volunteer activities.
6. Is there a fee to participate in the Health Walk?
The Health Walk is absolutely free and fun! But it is also a "fun"draiser benefitting a great cause -- more health care services for more families -- patients of Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic.

Funds are raised through sponsorship options, or by walkers, whether walking with a team or walking on your own. As a registered walker or registered event participant (you need not walk), you are encouraged to set-up a quick, easy fundraising page; even set a goal. You can then donate, and send an email to friends, family and associates so they can also donate to you through your page! If you register under a team, your donations will meet your own goal, while also helping to meet the team goal! Any walker who raises $100 or more will receive a one-of-a-kind event t-shirt!

You will receive sample emails and more information in the days to come
7. What if I am unable to attend the Health Walk but want to participate?
Individuals that are unable to attend the event, can sign-up as a "virtual walker", either on a team or as an individual walker. Of course you can donate, even fundraise. We'll miss you, but we and our patients certainly appreciate your support!